Who Am I?

Hello all!

My name is Savannah and I want to personally welcome you to my blog!

I know. I know. You randomly found this page. What should you care about my blog when there are millions of other blogs to care for. Well, I don’t have a straight answer for that. What a concept.

Jokes aside, here are a few fun facts about me!

  1. I have two beautiful Australian Shepherd mixed pups that make my day! They are the sweetest and are kind of like therapy dogs for me! Their names are Luna and Nova and they are the literal sweetest!
  2. I work with the elderly on a full time distance and cannot imagine doing anything else.
  3. I am 21 and currently working on my Masters in Gerontology.
  4. I am a Christian (non-denominational!!) and have kind of had a rocky path with my faith! But I do not allow my path to define me.
  5. My favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, The Rookie, and more! I am the worst at picking favorites.
  6. I used to run a little book reviewing blog when I was 15.
  7. I grew up poor which was not the best thing to ever happen to me, though it taught me about the value of money and to work hard when you have a goal you want to achieve.
  8. Math and science are not my strong suit! I have always been a better writer than anything.
  9. I grew up in Kansas! No, I am not from the country. No, this is not farm-town USA. Really though, I love Kansas even with all of its fun little stereotypes!
  10. Finally, I love all different kinds of music except metal, rock, and rap (maybe I’m a little picky).

Those are just some little fun facts about me!

Thank you for reading and being a part of this blog! Have a good day!

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