What Classes am I Taking – Fall 2020

Hello all!

Savannah here! Today I am going to be telling you a little more about what classes I am in currently and what my situation is given the pandemic.

To begin, my college did not go online, as many other colleges I’m sure haven’t as well. Before last month, I was supposed to go to my college for only one class. One class. Drive 50 minutes for one class. I couldn’t convince myself to take that drive for just one class. As well, I work with a vulnerable population and was not comfortable with potientially bringing the virus home.

As such, I sent my college an email to see if there was anything they could do to allow me to stay home and do online classes completely. It was worth a shot; a long shot, but a shot nonetheless.

20 emails later, my request was accepted and I moved to online classes. But this also meant I was to do dual enrollment to complete my Bachelors and begin my Masters at the same time.

I can’t say I was prepared to begin grad school. Not even a little.

But here I am two weeks into school and struggling but thriving knowing how I will complete my education sooner than expected. Though I could go into more detail, I will leave it at that!

Here is my class list!

  1. Introduction to Graduate Studies
  2. Aging in Society
  3. English Grammar
  4. Stress Management (gotta love them filler classes!)

That’s all folks! Thank you for reading!

Comment down below what your opinions are about the pandemic and going back to school. Would you go back or send your children back to school given the current climate of the pandemic?

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