Why Major in English – 5 Reasons

Hello all! Happy Monday!

Savannah here! Today I wanted to talk about something close to my heart. A question I have heard often and far too many times.

“Why would you major in English?”

This question is funny because I have never been able to give a straight answer. Not because I didn’t have any answers, but because I didn’t just have one. English is a degree not often thought of. When we think of stereotypes, the one for English is always “the easy degree” or “the nerd’s degree.” But why else would you major in such a simple thing as English.

Well, in this post today, I will be giving you five reasons why you could or should major in English!

Reason 1

My first reason and perhaps the major influence in my own decision to get an English degree, the content is applicable! No, I am not just talking about “oh, you could learn to be a better writer,” and while that can be a reason an English major is good, I am referring to how English is a good entry level degree.

English is a good degree for if you are considering grad or law school. If you look at the features you learn to utilize in an English degree, this becomes obvious. The key characteristic of the degree is learning to analyze a text. Yes, the text may be a fictional novel; however, learning to analyze and comprehend difficult texts comes in handy later down the line if you are considering to continue your education.

Reason 2

Don’t be too harsh now. I am going to relay an obvious reason you could get an English degree. *sigh* You could work for a publisher. BUT this is not the only job you can go into (though it seems to be a preferred job and one that is usually only located in larger cities like New York). Other job options include:

  1. Copywriter
  2. Grant Writer
  3. Editor
  4. Technical Writer
  5. Public Relations Specialist
  6. Content Manager
  7. Human Resources Specialist
  8. Social Media Coordinator
  9. Marketing Coordinator
  10. Journalist

These job options are some of a long list. It is often a major misconception that all you can do with an English degree is teach. In all reality, it is a degree that teaches you proper grammar and how to sell something. As well, all of the jobs listed above only require a bachelors degree (though, just saying, you could get a Masters and become a Librarian and yes, you do need a Masters to be one).

Reason 3

This particular reason actually falls in with a common misconception about getting an English degree. This reason is that you can travel abroad and become an English teacher in a foreign country.

Before we all say it. Yes, I did just address the stereotype that everyone who studies English becomes a teacher. Although that is not always the case, this reason may be a silver lining for someone who wants to teach. Maybe you want to try something new or experience something different than the usual mishap, everyday American life. Can’t say I blame you.

If you are looking for a new experience that is unique, this may be for you. The best part about this option is that you can travel but you can also have a job to come back home to!

Reason 4

You are not tied down to one profession for your entire life. Yes, yes, and yes. This reason does mimic the second reason in some ways. However, this portion is its own category because it shows how different majors are tied to one job description but with English, you do have the chance to move around.

Take Accounting as an example. Accounting is just as the name says. You are tied to a job involving math; whether you are working in a Tax Office or a Business Office, you are tied to some form or another of math.

Take Marketing as an example. Marketing is tied to the idea of selling something. They could be selling an idea or a product, regardless, marketing is about selling.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not attempting to bash any other majors because all degrees hold their own value. The good part about these two degrees is that you know what job you will be tied to while English is up in the air about what job you will get. However, this is a good thing if you are looking for variety within your degree. If you want to be able to work in different job markets, English may be for you. If you like change, English may be for you in this aspect.

Reason 5

The fifth and final reason that you could major in English would be that you can become a writer. WOW WHAT A CONCEPT! Jokes aside, you do not need a degree in English to become a writer.

But when I say writer, what do you think? Do you imagine sitting at a computer all day writing?

What if I said that wasn’t what I meant by the idea that you can become a writer?

What I meant by saying you could become was writer was in a professional skill sense. Not just a writer who writes books, but a writer who could write anything given the chance. Majoring in English allows you to learn how to write anything and this is one of many reasons that English majors have fluidity in their professions. The skills learned in writing classes are very marketable.


Whether you came to this post to learn more about the English major for yourself or to understand why this particular major is necessary, I hope you are leaving with something. I hope that I was able to shed more light on what makes the English major different and valuable.

Thank you for reading! Tell me below what you are majoring/majored in! How does your major compare or what is valuable about your own major?

6 thoughts on “Why Major in English – 5 Reasons

    1. Computer science is a great major! Honestly, I went to college wanting to major in something completely different but eventually found that I loved the skills I could learn in English! A minor in it is great too; regardless, I think you will gain a lot from both your major and minor!!


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