The Issue of Being the Omnivert

Hello all! Happy Tuesday!

We have all finally made it through the week!! Sometimes the weeks fly by and sometimes they go slower and for me, this was a slow week. But now we can continue on to the weekend!

Might as well jump into things.

When people are talking about who they are, the question will always come into play, “are you an introvert or an extrovert?” This question is always difficult for me to answer. How do you know if you are completely one or the other? How do you actually know? Personally, I believe I am both. An omnivert. On one hand, I’m a social butterfly at work but in school or public, I am far from anything social. Familiarity is crucial in whether I am a social queen or not.

But does that make me an introvert because I am slightly more uncomfortable in situations that are not familiar?

I don’t actually think that these factors make me fit into one box or the other. One day I’ll feel social and one day I want to be left alone to myself. It’s a strange concept that is often unspoken. Why? Because to fit in, you have to be part of one group, not both. In our sometimes broken society, the mold is what you have to fit into, otherwise, you are the outcast.

But being an omnivert does not make you different. It makes you normal.

When people ask you whether you are an introvert or extrovert, what do you say? Do you deliberate or do you know immediately. You see, everyone is an omnivert in some way usually even if it is mild. You may lean closer to one side than the other, but which box do you fit into will always be the question. You can be an introvert but be an extrovert with your friends or you can be an extrovert but need time alone sometimes. There will never be a right answer to this question. We know who we are to ourselves, but who are we to other people? Who do you want to be to other people I should say? You may completely fit into one box, or not. You may be a social butterfly, or not. Regardless, you are who you are and all that counts is staying true to who you are.

The question will always be the same, but will your answer change?

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day! Comment below which box you fit into! Are you are an introvert, extrovert, or omnivert?

4 thoughts on “The Issue of Being the Omnivert

  1. This is so true! I often say I’m in introvert, but I think you make a great point. When I am with my family and close friends, I could be a chatter-box, but I tend to be quite shy in public (though I’ll often speak up even it if makes me uncomfortable). It’s so cool to learn that there is a word for this in-betweenness. 🙂

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