Why Self-Care is Important

Hello all! I have been on a short hiatus (in case you were wondering) because I have been working overtime and doing homework when I am not working. Kind of boring I know but hey, that’s what brings us to what this post is about.

I am writing this post as a kind of chit chat because, if you are anything like me, you forget to self-care. Sometimes life flies by you and you lose yourself in the process. Sometimes bills creep up on you and you think that it means that you need to work yourself more. While bills are important, your health also is extremely important. It is definitely important to know when to take a breather from schoolwork and work. It is important that you take time to relax at some point.

Self-care is important because you need time to breathe. Self-care may be done in a variety of ways, I mentioned a few in my 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care During a Pandemic post!

Now, I am a work in progress. I don’t always take the time to practice self-care, in fact this post right now is my self-care because it is calming to just sit down and write. I love writing freely with no restrictions like this. While this is my version of how I self-care, your version of how you self-care could be eztremely different because we all are unique.

But I want you to take this post as a sign. Take it as a sign to breathe and decompress and destress. I’ll definitely be posting more in the next few days but I wanted to write this short post as a reminder to myself and others that it’s okay to do nothing and it’s okay to not work your life away!

Thanks for stopping by! Tell me in the comments below, how do you practice self-care? Have a wonderful day!

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