The Pandemic and The Fear it Has Created

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog!

I know, you are probably like, Savannah you already have posted about the pandemic in your “The New Normal” post. While that is true, something happened the other day that really got me thinking.

My mother fell and hurt herself outside on the concrete. She had slipped on some leaves and hurt her ankle and back and is just in a lot of general pain. But even with all this pain, she didn’t go to the doctor. Why? Because she is afraid of not being able to work should she get the virus. She is self-employed which is part of the reason for this, but if your company is anything like the one I work for, you have to use your own PTO for your time off from the virus. But here’s the problem, what if you don’t have PTO? If this is the case, chances are you would avoid the doctor’s office at all costs too because you have bills to pay and refuse to risk exposure to the virus.

This is a major problem surrounding the pandemic right now. We are afraid of going to the doctor’s office which is actually so bad for your health. Your health is very important but what we think of the doctor’s office right now is not that. In fact, at this point in time, we considered the doctor’s office a risky place because there’s a heightened chance of getting the virus from here. Heck, we hear someone cough now and think that they have the virus. This perception is dangerous because we would rather be in pain than get exposed to the virus. We would rather allow our health to decline to stay safe.

This reality is crazier the more you think about it. In all reality, we don’t know where the virus could come from. You are just as susceptible to the virus in Walmart as you are in the doctor’s office. This is simply due to the fact that you really don’t know who has the virus and who doesn’t. A lot of people are asymptomatic as is which makes it that much more difficult to know who is sick and who is not. You can feel perfectly fine with the virus which is perhaps the scariest part about it.

That being said, while you should always be cautious and safe when going anywhere outside of home right now. If you are in intense pain, if you think something is wrong, make a doctor’s appointment. If you are concerned about catching the virus there, take proper precautions. Most doctor’s offices are taking temps and asking questions prior to allowing entrance to the office, but you should take your own protocols. But don’t sit at home and allow your health to deteriorate out of fear. Long-term, this is not the answer. Your health is so important.

Another option that is always out there if you is virtual visits. A ton of doctor’s offices are doing virtual visits to help protect you and ease your fears about getting the virus. But this just an option if you are afraid to go in the doctor’s offices.

I want to thank you for reading this post! I know that living in this pandemic is definitely not easy, but we will get through this. We will thrive and survive.

Tell me in the comments below, how do you feel about going to the doctor right now?

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