Life After College – Job Hunting

Hey party people!

It’s me, Savannah! I’m finally back after what felt like an eternity. I wish I could’ve posted sooner but time and life got away from me for awhile. But today, I’m back with an important PSA about life after college.

Getting your first “real” job. Dun dun DUNNNNNN

OK but real talk, on February 15th, I started my first real job after getting my degree back in December. It was a weird experience but that’s why I’m here now, to relate my own weird experience. Especially since it was job hunting in the midst of the pandemic!

Getting this particular job was a roller coaster of emotions so let’s start from the top and work our way down the rabbit hole. I had first applied at this company way back in October because I was like, I need to find a job that actually pays something. Working minimum wage can be fun but really, once I know I could get a better job, I started looking. So anyways, I applied and went through the whole prescreen and first interview shebang, ya know, casual.

And by casual, I mean stressful~

But I did the first interview and I really thought the recruiter loved me but I didn’t ever hear anything back after that. As someone who believes in fate and destiny, I just assumed that I wasn’t meant to work at this company and that never hearing back was just my sign to move on. But life is funny that way. You believe one thing and the next minute, life changes. Life changed because around January, I was praying that God would give me a sign on what I was meant to do in life. I had gotten another job but my heart told me it wasn’t right for me. So I prayed for a sign that would lead me on the right path.

And that sign hit me like a semi truck.

By that I mean, I ended up getting a call from my now manager telling me that I had interviewed with someone from the company and that she recommended me for a position that opened up in my managers department. Mind you, it had been at least a few months since I had applied and interviewed with them. Safe to say, I did not even remember interviewing. My brain was mush from all the applications and starting grad school… perks of going to grad school! But anyways, I ended up interviewing with my now manager and she liked me (I guess that is clear but oh well, context~)! So then, I interviewed with at least three other people and finally got a job offer!

While getting this job and getting started was a rollercoaster of a journey, I am so thankful to be where I am now. The reason I’m writing this post to begin with is to show that even when your job search begins to feel hopeless, even when you think you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you will find where you’re meant to be. Some people may find the job of their dreams instantly and some may take much longer, but believe me when I say that it is so nice to feel at home with a job that you love doing!

But I also want to note that it takes some time to find a job, but my best advice is to be yourself. I know this may sound a tad naïve, and maybe it is. But, when interviewing, interviewers are looking for someone who is genuine. Interviewers are looking for someone who is more than an actor, or at least, that is from my own experiences!

Above all else, I hope that someone can get something from this post even when it can sound like the ramblings of a simple girl on a journey!

Thank you for reading about my own experience with job hunting after college! Let me know in the comments if I should do a tips post on how to find good jobs! Have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Life After College – Job Hunting

  1. Thanks for sharing, Savannah. Honestly, there’s no feeling like being sure a particular job is right for you. I finally landed a job last week and looking back, I’m grateful I got rejected from other companies and job positions because my heart didn’t feel right with them.

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