Life After College – Job Hunting

Hey party people! It’s me, Savannah! I’m finally back after what felt like an eternity. I wish I could’ve posted sooner but time and life got away from me for awhile. But today, I’m back with an important PSA about life after college. Getting your first “real” job. Dun dun DUNNNNNN OK but real talk,Continue reading “Life After College – Job Hunting”

What They Don’t Tell You About Being an Introvert in College

Hello all! Welcome back to the blog! This post comes from a lot of different places mentally for me. As someone who is most definitely more introverted than extroverted, I have always had trouble making friends. I have never been able to speak out and ask others to make plans with me especially if IContinue reading “What They Don’t Tell You About Being an Introvert in College”

Why You Should Major in Something You Love

Hello all and welcome back to the blog! I know, the title of this is direct. But it can also be a little confusing. Something that I have learned while in college is that, if someone does not think your major is good or “the right one,” they will be blunt about it. They willContinue reading “Why You Should Major in Something You Love”

Why Grad School – A Personal Stance

Hello all! Savannah here! I kind of went into this a little in my first post Why Gerontology – A Personal Stance but, I want to kind of explain why I made the decision to go to grad school. This explanation comes from a lot of points and reasoning, but the major reason for thisContinue reading “Why Grad School – A Personal Stance”

Why Major in English – 5 Reasons

Hello all! Happy Monday! Savannah here! Today I wanted to talk about something close to my heart. A question I have heard often and far too many times. “Why would you major in English?” This question is funny because I have never been able to give a straight answer. Not because I didn’t have anyContinue reading “Why Major in English – 5 Reasons”

What Classes am I Taking – Fall 2020

Hello all! Savannah here! Today I am going to be telling you a little more about what classes I am in currently and what my situation is given the pandemic. To begin, my college did not go online, as many other colleges I’m sure haven’t as well. Before last month, I was supposed to goContinue reading “What Classes am I Taking – Fall 2020”

Why Gerontology? – A Personal Stance

Hello all! Savannah here! I wanted to take a little time to explain my background and why I choose to study Gerontology. At the age of 16 (I’m 21 now, oh how the time flies), I began working at a little independent living retirement home in my hometown. Really I just wanted some spending moneyContinue reading “Why Gerontology? – A Personal Stance”