Why Volunteer – A Personal Stance

Hello all! Welcome back to the blog!

Today I want to talk about something close to my heart, something that some may think is a little sappy, that something is volunteering.

Honestly, I didn’t start volunteering until a few months ago. I didn’t think I needed to volunteer, I mean, why work and not be paid? Right? Wrong. Volunteering is not working if you find what is worth it for you. I started volunteering for a stupid reason, I wanted it for my resume at the time. I was about to graduate college and thought that it would make me stand out to recruiters. While this is partially true, I have grown fond of volunteering. Currently I am volunteering with a hospice agency calling families to check in to see how they are coping. While it is not always easy, I can definitely say that it has been rewarding.

Now then, volunteering is not for everyone and I am not saying that it is. However, I am saying that it is worth it to go online and search what types of volunteer work is out there.

You don’t want to have to leave your house or have no way of getting to your volunteer location? No problem, there is plenty of online volunteer work out there.

You don’t want to have a time commitment? That’s okay, there are plenty of one-time volunteering opportunities.

Generally speaking, you can find the opportunity that you are looking for. And if you don’t want to volunteer ever, don’t. Everything is up to you but I want to give you 5 reasons that you should volunteer so here are 5 reasons that volunteer work is worth your time!

  1. You can make someone else’s day and make another person smile!
  2. I mean, it does look good on a resume, just saying.
  3. It is convenient no matter what your situation is!
  4. It can give you a whole new perspective on life!
  5. Finally, it is calming! You’re doing something good which makes you feel happier, and if your volunteer work feels like a burden, find somewhere new to volunteer.

Long-term, volunteering is not meant to feel like a chore. Quite the contrary, volunteering is like a job. In a job, you should never feel like you have worked a day in your life and the same goes for volunteering.

If you decide you want to get into volunteering or even just see what is out there, Volunteer Match is a great website that shows you all of the volunteer opportunities that you could possibly want to look at!

Thank you for reading! I appreciate your time and I hope that this post was able to help you! Have a great day! Tell me in the comments, have you ever volunteered? If so, was it worth it for you? If not, would you ever consider volunteering?

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